"I went to BYKOTA Acupuncture and saw Beverly in the hopes of helping the pain in my right shoulder and neck areas. First off, I was impressed by the caring attitude and welcome that I received upon entering the office. Secondly, I am still also impressed by the amount of professional questions I was asked during the initial intake. Beverly really covered it!
Her acupuncture technique was so easy and nice, that I definitely would go back, especially since she got rid of almost all of the pain I was experiencing in one treatment!  I had never had moxa before, and it was great, too. Bev also performed Tui Na massage on me, and wow! I hadn’t felt that good in a very long time! My neck and shoulder felt fantastic afterward, and they still do. It’s a nice feeling to have no pain! I am telling my friends and family about BYKOTA, and Chinese Medicine!"

~D. L.

"I went to see Beverly for a number of reasons, but I have chronic pain in my shoulders and some recurring sciatic pain as well. With a few asp needles in one ear, my neck and shoulder pain was gone. Then she only did acupressure on a few points and my sciatic pain has not come back. It was amazing! She is very reassuring and gentle and she really listens to your concerns and needs. I would definitely recommend visiting Beverly for any health needs you have!"